Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

Online Pharmacy Canada
Online Pharmacy Canada

Here we will compare 2 online pharmacies which focus on Canada and USA:  Canada Drugs and Pharmacy XL.

They are both good online pharmacies, however they have some differences as well.

Read below and compare before you buy to make an educated choice which online pharmacy will serve you best!

Canada Drugs

Canada Drugs is a an online pharmacy from Canada which is in business for many years, so it is stable, despite various lawsuits from the US. Pro's are they focus on Canadian and US market. However there are a few down sides. First of all is they don't offer free shipping on your orders and also the prices are quite high compared with the other pharmacy on the right- still cheaper than in US. Also they try to offer their preferred products instead of giving you all the choice without any push. Anyway if you don't mind paying too much, canada drugs is a safe choice.

Pharmacy XL

As in the name, Pharmacy XL is an online pharmacy with a very huge inventory of medicines and prescription drugs, over 400+ to be exactly. They are in business for over 10 years now so they are one of the most stable on the market. They offer free shipping worldwide ( so also to Canada and United States ) on 99% of the orders and prices are very low compared to the competition. This is mainly as it is a non-profit pharmacy and due to their internal efficiency. So if you want to have cheap medicines with free shipping, Pharmacy XL is the choice for you!